Here's what our customers have to say about Canvas Cabins:

Thanks for a wonderful tent. We had 2" of sleet the first night. 6" of snow the second night. It went down to 0 degrees the third night. We were in our shirt sleeves the whole time. The stove worked great! I can't thank you enough for a superb design and a well constructed tent. This tent is everything I thought it would be and more!

Thank you!
John Maurer
Plymouth, Michigan

"The tent is great! I've used it a lot and bragged about it to many."

Many Thanks, Sally Willock

"Last summer we purchased from you a 12 x 12 ft Canvas Cabin with a 12 x 6 ft porch fly. We also purchased a Raghorn Stove, all worked great! We are very pleased with our purchase!"

Sincerely, Mr. And Mrs. Muldey

"What a great tent! We had our tent up for about 6 weeks in the last year in wet and windy to hot and dry weather and it performed great. Its suburb construction and unique pole set make it the best I have ever seen. Thanks for the SUPER product!"

Best Regards, Brian A. Kalsbeek

"I am purchasing a 15 x 21 wall tent.... I wanted to let you know that I looked hard at all tents at the show (Portland Sportsman Show), and their options. Your tents look great and are of the highest quality. In addition, both you and your wife have been extremely pleasant and helpful, something that you don't often find when purchasing big items nowadays."

Sincerely, Bill Lind

"Just a Christmas note to tell you how much we've enjoyed our new tent. Your dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is expressed every time we use our Canvas Cabin. Our cabin has been fly-fishing in Eastern Washington, and Montana, and hunting all this fall."

Sincerely, Jim & Jackie Karr

"Just another satisfied customer writing to congradulate you on another fine tent! We ordered a little late but you pulled through and we received our tent 1 week before the November Elk season. After waking up to 5 inches of snow, we were sure we had the right tent. The monarch stove was more than adequate in a 15x15, even with lows in the teens. Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work. "

Sincerely, Shawe Ayres

"We wanted to write you and tell you how much we enjoyed our new cabin tent. Tami and I had so much fun that I had to pry her off the mountain. I had the best hunting trip in my life. We went on a 9 day Mule Deer hunt in the Okanogan (actually there 12 days). The weather had varied from sunny cool days and cold crips clear nights to rainy and snowy days and nights, we were about 4000ft elevation. But we were nice and toasty in our new home away from home. Having your Canvas Cabin (the envy of most other hunters) made our hunting trip even more enjoyable. So thank you for your quality product. "

P.S. Can hardly wait for Elk Season 🙂
Sincerely, Brian & Tamara Clarkson

"The tent & addition were put up for a dog club pointer and retriever competition. Everyone was impressed with your tent. On of the other club members brought a canvas tent he owned. I just wanted to say I am glad I purchased one of your tents. Comparing the two tents, yours was by far the better tent. Thank you for a fine product and personalized service. "

Sincerely, Rick Walsh

"Thanks for a wonderful tent. We had 2" of sleet the first night. 6" of snow the second night. It went down to 0 degrees the third night. We were in our shirt sleeves the whole time. The stove worked great! I can't thank you and Joan enough for a superb design and a well concstructed tent. This tent is everything I thought it would be and more! Thank you! "

Sincerely, John Maurer

"I spent the past few weeks fixing up an old savage 99 to use on a coyote hunt early next spring and painting the woodstove for my new canvas cabin. It looks real nice in dark green with brass spring handles. Thanks again for your fine workmanship and the enjoyable experience buying my new "Taj-ma-tent (as one of my envious neighbors calls it.) Happy Hunting! "

Sincerely, Woodal Logic

"I would like to take this time to Thank you for a Outstanding setup. The quality of your Tent and Pole systemis Great and easy to set up. I hunt with 6-8 Guy's in our group and they are always talking about how easy it is to set up and how well the Stove Performs. 2 Guy's 30 Minutes. Their tent takes about 2 hours with 4 guy's and they either freeze or burn up with the stove they have. In fact the Guy's are going to upgrade their camp stove to one of yours they are that impressed with the Monarch stove I purchased from you. The coldest it has been in Northern Minnesota was -5 and we were very comfortable. Again thanks and happy hunting!. "

Sincerely, James Nielson

"I need to tell you how magnificently your tent performed for me last fall. What a treat to have it setup in the 20 minutes you promised and ready to start stowing gear inside. I had my doubts, but I was able to stand it up by myself the very first time in 20 minutes while reading the instructions, so the next time I was able to stake and complete the job in the same time. Have a great year!. "

Sincerely, Mac Huff, Eagle Cap Fishing Guides

"You make a GREAT TENT or should I say Cabin! I purchased a 15x18 from you in June 2002. I have to say I was pretty impressed with the quality of the workmanship as well as your quick service. We slept four people in the tent along with having a cook table and the Monarch stove I purchased from you and still had tons of room. The stove worked so well we had to open the windows in the tent even though it was 15 degrees outside. Being able to stand up in a tent without bending over is really nice. "

Sincerely, Willy Rogers

"My son and I like the Canvas Cabin very much. We hope to use and enjoy it many many times. You produce an excellant product, thank you. "

Sincerely, Bob Jacot

We filled our spike tag.  Tent is everything we hoped. 

Best in the business, thanks again!

Olaf Sather