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Spotted Owl Stoves

Canvas Cabins

The secret of a good wood stove is to have pipe large enough for a good draw and the draft large enough so it doesn't cavitate. Another secret if you're going out the side or end of the tent is to have a 45 degree elbow right on your stove and run the pipe out at a 45 degree angle. The third secret is good dry wood.

Our Spotted Owl stoves come in three sizes and are all welded, unpainted 18 gauge steel with an even heavier 16 gauge bottom and door. There's lots of interior reinforcing to keep warpage down. On the Royal and Monarch everything fits inside so all you have to do is pack the box. On the Raghorn, everything fits except the water reservoir. We hinge the door left or right as you prefer.

Options include side trays (keep coffee or food hot but not cooking), 4 gallon stainless steel water reservoirs, and stove pipe kits (includes 4 lengths of 24 gauge pipe or 3 lengths and an elbow plus a "T" cap). The stove has drilled ears welded on the stove pipe collar for wiring your chimney together so it can't come apart in a wind. It's a great stove at a good price

Canvas Cabins

Room dividers for your privacy.

Porch Fly

Canvas Cabins

A Canvas Cabin is a BIG tent.


Even so, you might find yourself needing more room. This is easily done. You can add a six or nine foot extension to your tent, either open at one end-a porch fly-or fully enclosed-add-a-room. Simple to set up and adds half again as much floor space. Easy on the pocket book too and can be added at any time. A Porch Fly or Add-A-Room is a great place to cook, keep wood dry, take off muddy boots and can also be equipped with a stove jack and sod cloth.

Canvas Cabins

Tough fiberglass screen doors that won't melt if they brush against your stove.

Flys & Floors


7 Ounce Flame & UV Retardant Polyester
Double Hemmed with 1" Polyester Webbing
and #3 Brass Grommets.

Canvas Cabins

See catalogue for sizes


Gray 18oz. With Hemmed Edges

See catalogue for sizes

Pole Systems

What's best, inside poles or outside poles? Is weight a factor? Cost? The inside steelis very heavy, the outside frame lighter. The inside aluminum is quite light but spendy.

The inside frame can be put up by one person. The outside is easy for one. The outside always keeps the tent nice and tight, the inside never seems to fit just perfect. There is some chance that an inside frame can cause leaks in a heavy or prolonged rain. On a 21 or 24 foot tent the outside poles require an upright in the middle of the tent, the inside doesn't. With outside poles your tent looks like a traditional hunting tent should look.

Here is a side-by-side comparison

There are benefits to each style of frame, depending on your needs.

One inch of powder dry snow, on a 15x15 tent weights over 200 pounds. One inch of very wet snow weighs about 1000 pounds. The answer to snow is to load your stove up and bank it down when you leave. If you're in a blizzard someone is going to stay in camp anyway and they can open the draft and feed the fire.