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Canvas Cabins are made exclusively of 10.10 oz. army duck, treated with Sunforger® for water repellency, and mold and mildew resistance.

Wall tents can be made of canvas, various man-made materials or a blend of the two. The words canvas and duck are inter-changeable, both referring to the same material.

Army duck is the top grade--both warp and fill are twisted double strands--with the tightest weave to give superior water repellency, heat retention, and strength-to-weight ratio. 10 oz. army duck is as strong as a 12 oz. duo fill or a 14 oz. single fill.

Sunforger® is the brand name of a chemical treatment for canvas. It is extremely durable and as long as you put your tent away dry, the Sunforger® treatment should never need to  be reapplied. We think Sunforger® is the best available, and our duck is DOUBLE TREATED.

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