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Canvas Cabins are made exclusively of 10.10 oz. army duck, treated with Sunforger® for water repellency, and mold and mildew resistance. Wall tents can be made of canvas, various man-made materials or a blend of the two. The words canvas and duck are inter-changeable, both referring to the same material.

Army duck is the top grade, both warp and fill are twisted double strands with the tightest weave to give superior water repellency, heat retention, and strength-to-weight ratio. 10 oz. army duck is as strong as a 12 oz. duo fill or a 14 oz. single fill.
Sunforger® is the brand name of a chemical treatment for canvas. It is extremely durable and as long as you put your tent away dry, the Sunforger® treatment should never need to  be reapplied. We think Sunforger® is the best available, and our duck is DOUBLE TREATED.